Sunday, April 4, 2010

Here We Come Maimes!

So last weekend we headed up to Vail. George and Blake went skiing on Saturday and had a blast. Kendall, Amy, Mark and I didn't get out of our jammies until noon. Amy and I worked hard for an hour straight to get Justin Bieber tickets for Kendall. He plays here on her birthday. After we succeeded we then played board games the rest of the day. Had a fun time! We departed early Sunday as Amy and George had skiing plans as well. That day ended up being Amy's last ski day of the season as she fractured a bone in her knee...pretty serious injury. She is non-weight bearing for at least 4 weeks and then they will go from there. Sadly, all she did was stop and hurt herself. Who knows how? At least she could have made it good and had ski patrol come and get her.