Thursday, November 26, 2009

Not for the Squeamish.......

As many of you know, Mark underwent ankle re-construction surgery about 4 weeks ago. The docs went in and broke his leg just a bit above the ankle and then inserted two 4inch screws to hold the bones back together. He is in the first of two casts and will under-go about a 10 month re-hab process. He is non-weight bearing for a minumum of 8 weeks so I am driving everywhere! As you can see in the photos, he had 5incisions. Two openings were for inserting the screws, one was to break the leg, one was to take a tendon and the fifth an opening to use the tendon to wrap around the new construction. Since it is winter in Colorado, my mom is having a blast knitting him toe covers. He has a black, green and now a Christmas red and white striped one!