Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Summer Vacation in Nashville

Our summer truly began on July 28 when the kids and I headed down to Nashville for 10 days. We took off as soon as baseball ended and started the summer with the Sanderson's. We spent 5 days at a beautiful lakehouse about 45 minutes from their house. We swam, tubed, boated, fished, and just plain had a fantastic time. Carter and Scott joined us about 4 days in to the lakehouse trip and the fun continued. (yes Scott, continued, didn't start when you arrived!) We then finished the trip with a few days at the Sanderson's and the kids continued to play. Kendall likes to hang out with the dogs, Bogie and Birdie. She carries Birdie everywhere...I think that dog's legs don't see the floor the entire time we are there. As every visit goes, it ended way too soon and we cannot wait to see them again. Ronda and I are already trying to plan a time to get together again!