Saturday, December 22, 2007

Merry Christmas! I am a first time blogger so please be patient as I work through this exciting new communication avenue. My dear friend, Carol, got me all set up and was over today practicing with me. She has a blog and I absolutely love looking through it. She put the pressure on me to do one, I was slow, so she did it for me for Christmas!
The kids are home now for 19 days for Christmas and are excited to be off from school. Blake is in the 3rd grade and Kendall is now full day being in 1st. They both have spectacular teachers and really enjoy school.
We are going to spend Christmas Eve with Aunt Amy and Uncle George. Christmas day we will be with Amy, George and our friend Wayne and his 3 kids. We are excited hang out, but unfortunately I have to cook which is not fun for me. I hope somewhere is open as a last resort!!
My folks are here in Colorado now, but not here RIGHT now. During the winter they live in Arizona, so we won't see them for the holidays. We celebrated early over Thanksgiving.
We wish you all a blessed Christmas and much joy as you enter the new year. Thank you to each one of you for being part of and touching our family!!


The Knight Family said...

I knew you would go right home write something!!!! YEA for you!!!
Shoot, - I can't remember if I told you about leaving comments - it will be interesting to see if you ever read this. We had so much fun today!

Jamey and Tara said...

Merry Christmas! I'm glad to see your blog up. I commented on your (her)last one but Carol said that she erased it! I hope you all are having a very Happy Holiday and I hope you can figure out how to read this! :) Merry Christmas from all of us here in Whistler!